Students line up to receive Cardinal Academy Summer Blast t-shirts

For some students in the Southside Independent School District, the day they had been waiting for finally arrived. This is the day they received their custom-made t-shirts for participating in the District’s fun and captivating summer school called the “Cardinal Academy Summer Blast.”

Vanessa Vargas and three of her children were up early to get their shirts. The children were all smiles as they received their t-shirts and goodie bags as incentives for completing summer school. “I was happy because they’re learning. I thought the classes were good,” she said. Then added, “The only thing is we had internet trouble. My daughter Shaila would even cry when the internet went out.”

Southside High School senior Anastasia Rangel enrolled in the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast so she could stay on top of her course work. Rangel plans to become an attorney or enter the F.B.I. after college. “I feel more prepared for the senior year than if I didn’t study,” Rangel said.

Mr. Ricardo Moreno served as the elementary school principal with more than 600 students. “Our superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez wanted it to be engaging. The idea was also to simulate what we could expect for the upcoming academic year and troubleshoot any issues that we could uncover,” he said.

Superintendent Ramirez plans on making the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast a Southside tradition along with the t-shirts as an incentive.

In addition to the t-shirts, students received a Peter Piper Pizza coupon for a personal-sized pizza and soft drink, and goodie bags with incentives from Firstmark Credit Union and the U.S. Census Bureau.

Thanks to Dr. Lyssa Ochoa and the San Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic (SAVE Clinic) for sponsoring the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast t-shirts.