Cardinal Spotlight Week of July 10: Losoya Middle School

Stephanie Robles-Ng is an 8th grade American History teacher and department head at Losoya Middle School. She is a wonderful teacher who loves her students, and is passionate about teaching. Stephanie makes learning fun, energetic, and engaging for her students on a daily basis starting each period by greeting them at the door, and challenging them to be their best whether working individually or in groups. She utilized Google Classroom during the school year and during distance learning assisted with creating lesson plans for her grade level, and taking technology to a completely new level in her teaching.

Alyssa Espinoza is a 7th grade student at Losoya Middle School. She is known for her ability to make anyone laugh, and is described by her teachers as being hilarious and having one of the most “bubbliest” personalities in class. She is self-motivated, works hard and when she is stuck is not afraid to ask for help. Alyssa loves to read graphic novels and is very creative. She always strives to do her best, and showed great citizenship throughout the year.