Cardinal Academy Summer Blast makes learning fun

Inside Mrs. Jennifer Ariza’s immaculate home in the District’s Villa Coronado neighborhood, you can hear the sound of children clicking on computers. Mrs. Ariza is a huge advocate for education. As a result, her daughters love school. She’s also well aware that keeping their minds active is central to their success. Mrs. Ariza was one of the first parents to register her girls for the District’s Cardinal Academy Summer Blast.

“Students have gone months without receiving school support. The Cardinal Academy Summer Blast helps them have a fresh mind and willing to learn new subjects. They should also be entertained in something productive and what better way than to review and catch up with everything they have learned in school,” Mrs. Ariza said.

The four-week program began this week and is designed to be both educational and entertaining. Previous district summer schools focused only on helping struggling students. However, the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast is for all students and includes:

  • exercise with friends
  • reading activities
  • choir fun
  • math games (become a math magician)
  • science experiments
  • prizes
  • summer meals.

It’s also the first time that Southside ISD has held an all-digital summer school. Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez says this summer school is like starting the school year a month in advance. For example, third-graders are exposed to fourth-grade material and fourth-graders are exposed to fifth-grade content. “I want this to be like the start of the new school year. The idea is to expose as many students as we can to what they’ll be seeing in the upcoming school year. Teachers will also get to know the student and their parents,” said Superintendent Ramirez.

Mrs. Ariza said her daughters would much rather be studying in school right now than learning from home. However, she says, it’s important to adapt to the current situation and support and appreciate the school district’s work.

“Of course, it is always good for children to interact with their peers. Studying from home is not the same, but as parents, I think we do what we can to help our children succeed,” she said.

About a thousand students registered for Southside ISD’s summer school. Those who complete the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast will receive a custom-made t-shirt, a goodie bag, and a gift certificate to honor their summer school accomplishment.