Cardinal Spotlight Week of July 3: Matthey Middle School

Mrs. Gina Schorsh a science teacher at Matthey Middle School. Mrs. Schorsch works tirelessly to support student learning with high expectations. She works to build their academic skills while supporting students in their electives and extra-curricular activities as well. While the Matthey Band students performed at the high school auditorium, you found Mrs. Schorsch there. When students and parents were in distress, Mrs. Schorsch was there during the loss of their loved one. She gave of herself, frequently comforting the individual over the phone in loving phone calls. She has sought out resources to help students and their families and, on weekends, doesn’t think twice about serving a small community church as their pianist for services. Mrs. Schorsch is the epitome of the word teacher, which means so much to many people. Congratulations!  

Lorenzo Lopez is an 8th grade student at Matthey Middle School and our Cardinal Spotlight of the week. Lorenzo came to Matthey last year and join the Matthey family seamlessly.  His sense of humor and kindness brings laughter and joy to those who meet him.