Cardinal Spotlight Week of June 26: Menchaca Early Childhood Center


Marivel Garcia is such an asset to our school district. Marivel single-handedly created a district-wide Google PD and helped alleviate stress while equipping teachers with new skills. While her role as a Coordinator of Instructional Technology would call on this, she did it expeditiously, with finesse, and patience. She was available around the clock for all staff and continues to innovate to share her wisdom and knowledge with her newly created LIT teachers who will make a difference on every campus! Marivel’s glowing and bubbly personality coupled with her leadership skills and talent has made her a gift to the SISD family.  

Marius is an outgoing, energetic student going into kindergarten with a strong foundation in both math and reading.  His intelligence and happy personality won him many friendships.  Marius enjoyed performing in front of his class, making us all laugh with his “fozzie bear wocka wocka” jokes.  On the playground he enjoyed being active and displayed his athletic abilities. Marius has a tremendous support team at home and he goes into kindergarten ready to make new friends and ready to succeed!!!