Cardinal Spotlight Week of June 26: Matthey Middle School


Mr. Henry Schorsch is a Math Teacher at Matthey Middle School and our Cardinal Spotlight of the week.  He came to Matthey a couple of years ago with a positive attitude and willing heart.   Mr. Schorsch often goes above and beyond for his students and the community. His service is greatly appreciated and we are lucky to have him!

Josalynn Trevino is a student at Matthey Middle School. Joslyn is a beautiful young lady who has great potential. She is a leader and is able to show loving concern for her friends and family. She demonstrates great strength and fearlessness when she believes in someone or something, going out of her way to do all she can to support others.

Additionally, when you find this strong young lady with her baby brother, you find her as a passionately nurturing sister. She is a gentle, loving, and caring big sister who takes pride in demonstrating the love and commitment of family.  Congratulations Josalynn!