Cardinal Spotlight Week of June 26: Freedom Elementary School


Anna Galindo was our BASE unit teacher this year. She made it a priority to address her students’ social and emotional needs  by building strong relationships with them. She developed a very unique relationship with each of the students she worked with which enabled her to help them move forward both academically and socially.  She constantly communicated with her students’ parents and would go out of her way to make sure that they had their instructional materials during the last nine weeks by either meeting the parents at school or at a neutral site if the parents could not make it to school.

Leighton Rodriguez is a very outgoing scholar here at Freedom Elementary.  She works hard and is a friend to everyone.  She is helpful, kind, and looks for the good in all situations. She is proactive and takes pride in her work.  Her teachers describe her as, “very well mannered and eager to learn.”  A few of her hobbies include; doing jiu jitsu with her Daddy and her Ultimate Submission Academy teammates. She also enjoys game nights with her Daddy and little brother. She loves to play school, basketball, and enjoys swimming.  Congratulations Leighton!