Cardinal Spotlight – Week of June 12: Menchaca Early Childhood Center


Ms. Mary  Van Bibber is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher at Menchaca ECC. She is a very sweet and caring individual. Ms. Van Bibber is a wonderful teacher who goes above and beyond to ensure the needs of her students  are being met in the classroom. She engages her students in lessons that are hands-on. Students are always so eager to work in center activities, and participate in class discussions. Ms. Van Bibber also has a genuine love and respect for her students. You can see this anytime you enter her classroom and see her and her students’ interactions with one another.The students in her class share that same love and respect with her, and with other students in the classroom. Ms. Van Bibber is definitely paving the wave for her pre-kindergarten students as she provides her students with a strong academic foundation and a love for learning.

Julian is one amazing student!  He loves superheroes, technology, and anything about space.  He likes to build buildings with blocks and see how high he can make them (possibly a future architect or engineer in the making)!  Julian is a student who likes to help the teacher in the classroom with various responsibilities, and takes his role as the “teacher’s helper” very seriously.  At times, I hear him speak to teachers and I have to remind myself that he is 5, as he uses large vocabulary words.  He has excelled in learning high frequency words and writing words in sentences. He loves looking (and reading) books, especially looking at encyclopedias and creating his own stories using the ChatterPix application on the Ipad.  He has led our class in the Pledges of Allegiance, Texas, and our school pledge with great pride!  He is very respectful to teachers and his peers.  I am very proud to say that he was my student in Pre-K, and am very proud of all his accomplishments.