Cardinal Spotlight – Week of June 5: Menchaca Early Childhood Center


Michael Guerrero is a recent Kindergarten graduate from Col. Miguel Menchaca Early Childhood Center. In Mrs. Vontur’s class, he demonstrates natural leadership skills.   He likes to help his classmates if they are struggling with their work and loves to read with his friends. His curiosity and competitive nature drives his learning.  He is always pushing himself to work hard and keep learning.  On the playground, he shows off his athleabilities as he plays with his friends.  He is very outgoing and loves to make friends with new people.   Michael played football at the beginning of the school year and made friends with Superintendent Mr. Mark Eads at one of his games.  Mr. Eads was so impressed with Michael that he surprised him and his classmates by joining them for lunch one day!  All in all, Michael Guerrero embodies the Cardinal attributes instilled at Menchaca…he is safe, respectful, and responsible.  Watch him soar!

Dr. Melanie Morgan, Menchaca Early Childhood Center’s Pre-K Counselor, has a heart of gold.  Dr. Morgan started back in November of 2019 and she hit the ground running. She built strong student and community relationships quickly that gave students and their families the support they were needing. This included community partnerships for parenting classes and teletherapy. Dr. Morgan loves working as a school counselor at MECC and supporting students in their social-emotional and academic growth. She recognizes that teaching students to self-regulate early on will lead to further success in both their education and personal lives. Dr. Morgan also enjoys connecting and consulting with teachers for their students’ needs. This partnership helps further cultivate the safe and loving environment our littlest learners need to thrive and start their path toward lifelong learning. tic