Cardinal Spotlight – Week of June 5: Freedom Elementary School


Ms. Jones has a passion for learning and teaching! She is student focused and her knowledge and expertise in effective teaching strategies and research based practices has made such a huge contribution to developing our teachers’ expertise which has impacted student achievement. She has worked diligently with our staff to help improve instruction and learning,  so that we ensure our students get what they need to be academically successful. She demonstrates a high level of integrity and when obstacles come up, she is relentless to work through the problem in the best interest of students and teachers. dedicated to helping teachers and students be greater than they already are. She is such a great advocate for our kids and teachers! We are blessed to have her on our team!

Noah Flores has been an outstanding student here at Freedom Elementary.  He is smart, kind, helpful, and so fun to be around.  He is a very hard worker who loves to read.  You often see him with a book in his hand.  Noah’s teachers describe him as a model student and admire his ability to challenge himself and work through whatever problem comes his way.  In his free time Noah enjoys soccer, swimming, and skating.  During this pandemic he enjoyed learning in the comfort of his own home and doing things at his own pace. Noah says this opportunity to stay home and work allowed him to see what it would be like as a teenager and having to grow your own study habits.  Noah has always seen the positive side of every situation.  His friends are drawn to his ability to compromise and think win win. He is an outstanding leader and we couldn’t be more proud of him.