Grandmother raising 9 grandchildren left homeless in fire gets much-needed Help


Life was already tough for Southside ISD grandmother Sylvia Rios as she did her best to care for her nine grandchildren she’s raising. Then, on Saturday, May 30, an electrical fire destroyed their home. “All the children escaped, thank God. I broke my toe,” she said.

During the fire, the children’s school-issued technology burned along with their homework.

However, when Superintendent Rolando Ramirez heard about the family’s need, he jumped into action to help Ms. Rios and her children. Eight of them are students in the District.

Mr. Ramirez provided each school-aged child with a chromebook and wi-fi hotspots. He told the children he wants them to be prepared for summer school so they can excel. San Antonio Threads also provided the children with new clothes, shoes, and backpacks. The Red Cross has placed the family in a hotel until they can find a new home.