Cardinal Spotlight: Week of May 29

Cardinal Spotlight

Good evening Cardinals,
Teachers on the Cardinal Spotlight will receive a golden ticket to wear jeans for a week once school starts. Students in the spotlight will receive a goodie bag with school supplies. Goodie bags can be picked on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. at your respective campus. 

This week’s amazing Cardinals are:


King Torres is an exemplary young man. King joined Southside this fall. He came in like a hurricane strong willed and determined. He proved that hard work, commitment, and using consistent communication can really help to achieve goals. He remained committed to his education and achieved success. We are very proud of him and glad he graduated a Southside Cardinal.  

Ms. Susana De La Fuente works tirelessly to aid the success of our Southside HS students.  Ms. D works in the Virtual Lab and is always willing to provide support in any area of need.  Her commitment and dedication to the Southside Cardinal community is appreciated.  She helps at various sporting events and supports students not only in the classroom but also in their extracurricular activities.  Thank you Ms. De La Fuente for ALL you do.


Matthey Middle school is pleased to announce that Terri Bishop is our staff member of the week. Terry is our English Language Arts Department Chair and has been instrumental in planning distance learning for all of the middle school students for Southside ISD. Terri also was a key in our distribution and collection efforts for the student packets. 

Sixth Grader, Marco Martinez has been selected as the Matthey Middle School student of the week.  Marco is a great kid who goes above and beyond all his efforts at Matthey. Marco exemplifies his commitment to others and our school community by assisting in anyway needed.  He exemplifies being safe, respectful and responsible.


Not only has Coach Sanchez done an amazing job at leading our coaches through Losoya’s first athletic season, but he continually helps support the vision and mission of the school. This summer Coach Sanchez has volunteered in helping with multiple curriculum distributions, distributing athletes belongings and celebrating our 8th graders during their completion parade. Coach Sanchez is Losoya’s Teacher of the Week.
Brandie Garza is an 8th grade student that is always looking to help others. Brandie works hard in her school work, and loves meeting new people. Brandie has built great relationships with her teachers, and loves reading, singing and listening to music. Brandie volunteers her time working in the library, and is always willing to help wherever needed. Brandie Garza is Losoya’s Student of The Week.


Mrs. Tamara “Tammy” Wicker is every student’s confidant at Pearce Elementary. She has been a school counselor in our Southside ISD for 27 years. She is caring, generous, and positive. She continues to lead the way at Pearce with morning announcements, guidance lessons, support groups, and charitable events. She leads our campus Career Day, Peer Mediators, Food Drives, Christmas “Cardinal Tree”, Pennies for Patients, Operation School Bell, and so much more. Our Pearce world is a better place because of individuals like Tammy Wicker. A place of nurture, forgiveness, kindness, and collaboration. A place where friendships flourish, communication is spread, and hearts are filled. Thank you, Tammy Wicker for all that you are to our Southside community! 

Pearce Elementary 4th grade student, Mason Sypavongsay, displays good character traits both on and off campus.  He puts forth his best effort in all tasks that he works to accomplish.  Mason follows school rules and expectations and treats teachers and classmates with respect.  Within a group he is a wonderful moral compass, always speaking up for what is right.  He is also active in the community sports programs and has such an interest in a wide variety of sports that he provides updates to our school through being our sports announcer for the Pearce morning news team. Thank you Mason, for all that you do.


Ms. Snider has done an outstanding job with creating an engaging and interactive Google Classroom for the Specials Team. She has served as the team leader and has demonstrated a passion for the fine arts. Being a former general education classroom teacher has enabled her to integrate content into the art activities which has been evidenced by the lessons that she teaches.  The art projects that she has had the students participate in have not only showcased her talent, but also that of the students. She posts their work around the school and ensures that our students have opportunities to participate in community art contests. She’s a GREAT art teacher!

Manuel has been an outstanding scholar here at Freedom Elementary. He works hard and is very determined to do well academically. What also stands out about Manuel is his willingness to help others. Whether it be his classmates, teachers, or other staff on campus, he is always ready to lend a helping hand.  He has been in various student organizations such as Safety Patrols, and this year he was an active member of our Jr. Lighthouse Student group.  He enjoys math the most and has been found doing math problems for fun during lunch.  In his free time he enjoys things like playing video games and swimming.  He also enjoys spending time with his family as they often do many things together.  Keep up the great work Manuel!


This week’s spotlight for Heritage Elementary is Kristi Scott, Instructional Coach and 5th grade student, Xavier Saenz. Ms. Scott has worked at Heritage for 20 years!  She will be starting her 6th year as our Instructional Coach.  She is truly a servant leader! She goes above and beyond to support our students and our teachers.  She is respected and loved by all!

Xavier is a diligent worker whether he’s working at school or from home. He puts forth an honest effort in all of his assignments, which are always turned in on time! He has perfect attendance this year (this includes attending all of our Google class meetings). And last but not least, he always treats others with respect and kindness. Best of luck in Middle School Xavier!


Mrs. Romero is a great leader who is always available. She is attentive to her team and her children. She is also an LPAC representative and a Team Lead for fifth grade. She continuously assists when needed and goes above and beyond to help.

Xzavier Farias is a very kind and energetic boy. He is passionate and motivated to learn. He is always willing to help others. This year he was a member of the Gallardo Spirit Squad.


Instructional Assistant, Amanda Valdez, is such a compassionate and hardworking member of the Menchaca family. She loves children and is quickly identified as a safe adult a child can quickly go to. She remains calm and supportive of all and has not only connected with students in her homeroom class, but also stays in touch and cheers on children she cared for in the past. Her colleagues recognize her creativity and thoughtfulness and are appreciative of her eagerness to always go above and beyond.

Menchaca Pre-K student, Asher Tenney, is such an amazing student.  He is creative and is always thinking outside the box. Asher always participated in class and did not stop during distance learning.  The best thing about Asher is his heart. He is kind, loving, and a great friend.