End of Year Material and Personal Item Pick-up

Cardinal Nation,

It is nearly time to wrap up a history-making year AS we all continue to deal with the COVID 19 pandemic we are making arrangements per campus and department for each of your to pick up and drop off personal and district-related items

Please contact your respective supervisors and campus contacts for instructions and timelines on how to pick up and drop off items from classrooms, lockers, offices…etc. Each campus will be contacting you directly with information on safety and public health guidelines.

For example, if you attend or work at Pearce Elementary, the Pearce administrators will be contacting you directly, or posting on their website how and when to pick up or drop off items.

The same will be true for departments. If you have any general questions or concerns feel free to email us questions at communicationsdept@southsideisd. org.

Graduating Seniors, you will also be contacted directly for items that need to be returned.

Thank you all for your incredible patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. We are Southside! We are all in this together!