Hi Parents! We have Online Instructional Material

Parents and Families,

Wow. What a time to be learning something new with our students and teachers here at Southside ISD. We have been working hard to ensure that our students continue to grow and be engaged in learning while at home. We have set up a Parent and Student Resource Site for you to find resources that will help you get started. 

For starters, if you are able and choosing to take the DIGITAL route for your child(ren), you will want to download the follow apps on your phones, tablets or gaming consoles: Google Classroom, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts. These will be the number one apps to have for communication with your child’s teacher and access to the activities that are available for your child. 

On the resource site, you will find videos and tutorials of what to expect from your teachers and how to access the activities as well as how to access the live sessions from your teachers. 

Marivel B. Garcia

Coordinator of Instructional Technology

Southside ISD