Reading and writing using pretty pinatas hanging at Heritage Elementary School

Walk into Ms. Elizabeth Lopez’ 4th grade class at Heritage Elementary School and your senses will be overtaken by the pretty pinatas hanging above. Ms. Lopez had never made pinatas but she was inspired by the book, “The Pinata Maker,” by author George Ancona. “We’re getting kids excited about books, wanting to read, learn and write in the classroom with detail and the best way I found to do that was to get them and their families involved, ” said Ms. Lopez. Students began making their colorful creations at the campus then took them home. There, parents and students worked on the project carefully gluing strips of paper that would become a unicorn, an angry bird, and a even a pinata with the emblem of Mexico. The involvement of parents and grandparents had a positive impact. “I witnessed students creating memories and ownership in their work. What better thing could there be,” exclaimed Ms. Lopez. The 4th grade teacher found students are writing with more detail and are also more excited to read. Colorful creations hanging at Heritage Elementary are changing students’ lives.