Lockout at Matthey MS Lifted

2019 Matthey MS logo

Dear Cardinal Family,

We want to inform you that a “Lockout*” was issued at Matthey Middle School at approximately 8:15 am this morning. It was in response to a family (non-employee) reporting domestic violence issue occurring off-campus.  Matthey staff promptly and correctly call Southside ISD Police to look into the matter. During the investigation, and after a swift response by the Southside ISD Police Department, officers found a person in possession of a weapon illegally in a vehicle parked on campus. There was no incident and no one was harmed. The person was taken into custody at the campus and charged with a felony by the SISD PD.

Southside ISD takes all reports that may put our children and their families in danger seriously. We are very grateful for the professionalism and work of the Southside ISD Police Department and our campus staff. We wish to release this statement in hopes of sharing the facts.

The lockout was lifted at 8:45 am.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*A Lockout is a security procedure in which all normal school and business continues on campus, but no outside traffic or individuals are allowed in


Miguel Martel, Matthey MS Principal

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