Southside ISD Pre-K through 5th grade scores Exemplary in art competition


Elementary Art -01

Gallardo art contestA big congratulations to the following Pre-K to 5th grade students for scoring Exemplary at the Texas Elementary Art Meet on Saturday!  It was held at Castle Hills Elementary. The artwork is scored on a rubric of 3-Exemplary, 2-Good and 1-Growing. All winners will receive a medal, judging critique and a certificate. Several students were chosen Top of Team in their grade level and received a special award medal. Schools from around the Region 20 area competed in this annual competition sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association. Elementary Art -02

Menchaca Early Childhood Center, Tyra Gonzales Art Teacher
Pre-K Entries:
Elisha Cavajal — Exemplary
Brianna Lopez — Exemplary
Rosalie Teniente — Exemplary
Kindergarten Entries:
Allison Millian-Elizalde — Exemplary
Evelyn Ramos-Muller — Exemplary
Aubree Rice — Exemplary
Emelia Sanchez — Exemplary
Jayleanna Vasquez — Exemplary
Gallardo Elementary, Jennifer Barrow Art Teacher
1st Grade Entries:
Elijah Delgado — Exemplary
Melissa Penaloz-Maya — Exemplary & Top of Team 1st Grade
2nd Grade Entries:
Jaylen Lailson — Exemplary & Top of Team 2nd Grade
3rd Grade Entries:
Lillianette Ramirez — Exemplary & Top of Team 3rd Grade
4th Grade Entries:
Sabrina Arroyo — Exemplary & Top of Team 4th Grade
Amerie Nerio — Exemplary
5th Grade Entries
Amorette Aguilar — Exemplary
Nathan Garza — Exemplary
Felicity Melara — Exemplary
Damion Ramirez — Exemplary
Ryan Robles — Exemplary