Southside High School Students Compete to Meet the Cast of  Tony Award Winning “Hamilton!”

On Monday, April 15, Southside High School students performed their final project as part of the Hamilton Education Program, through the Gilder Lehrman program. A project that concludes with a converted seat at the Pulitzer, Tony and Grammy award-winning Broadway sensation,” Hamilton” in Dallas, TX on May 2nd.  Hamilton is arguably one of the most talked about theatrical events to sweep Broadway, but in case you have not heard, the musical is about Alexander Hamilton, the “$10 Founding Father without a father”.  After nearly three years on tour tickets are still hard to come by…even harder than the Super Bowl according to Ticketmaster!

Southside High students are getting the bargain of a lifetime, in order to attend the musical, the students had to complete an assignment on the Founding Fathers and early America.  Following research, students created a, short video presentation in the form of either a poem, monologue, rap song, or short story.

However, to win a chance to meet the cast and for the chance to perform their own original work, students had to vote on the theatrical and historic submissions.  The winners’ from SHS will get their video recording turned in to the Hamilton cast and crew who will ultimately pick the group they are most impressed with to go on stage!

Ms. Priscilla Mota’s Southside US History classes judged the respective performances that were recorded on video according to the rubric provided, and proceed to vote for their favorite Tuesday.

And the Southside HS Winners are:

Ms. Mota’s students have decided between the 1st video performance by Ethan Quintana, Sarah Valle and Valerie Centeno, who rapped their assignment, along with, David Rodriguez (wearing the Lakers jersey) who recited a monologue.

These are the top selected projects and performances.  Check out all the video performances here.

Ms. Mota has been so excited about this program and says, “It’s been a lot of hard work for all involved, and however, I know that students will gain valuable lessons from all the required assessments.”

SHS Students compete to perform on “Hamilton” stage in Dallas, TX.