Southside ISD Principals named HEB Awards Semi-Finalists

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Puente Honor
Southside ISD Superintendent Mark E. Eads congratulates Heritage Elementary Principal Elise Puente for being named a semi-finalist for the HEB Excellence in Education Awards.

Heritage Elementary principal Elise Puente and Pearce Elementary principal Brenda Gonzales have been selected as a semi-finalists for the HEB Excellence in Education Awards. HEB reports it received more than 1,500 applications. Both Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Puente are two of 50 principals selected as a semi-finalists along with 150 teachers, 25 school districts, 25 early childhood providers and 25 school boards.

Pearce Elementary principal Ms. Brenda Gonzales has been named an HEB Excellence in Education Awards semi-finalist for the second year in a row.

This is the second year in a row Ms. Gonzales has been named a semi-finalist. In appreciation for their educational efforts each principal received a $500 HEB gift card and a certificate signed by HEB Chairman Charles Butt. Congratulations Ms. Puente and Ms. Gonzales!