Southside science students score big at STEAM Fair

Elementary STEAM Fair winners assemble on stage. Asst. Supt. Dr. Genese Bell shows her support in the background.
Pearce Elementary 4th grader Evelyn Garza displays her award-winning medals.
Freedom Elementary 5th grader Alexander Garcia proudly displays his medals.
Alyssa Espinoza
Sixth grader Alyssa Espinoza beams as UIW medical student Krystal Kwong praises her dream of becoming a pediatrician.
Future pediatricians at the UIW medical school served as STEAM Fair judges.
STEAM Fair 4
Future pediatricians at the UIW medical school greet parents and students at STEAM Fair.

Hundreds of Southside ISD students creatively showed their best for science excellence leading up to January’s STEAM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music). This year’s STEAM Fair was held at Southside High School. Medical students from the University of the Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine served as this year’s judges.

The grade level winners are:


  • 1st place Ms. Delgado’s class-Heritage
  • 2nd place Dylan Jones-Pearce
  • 3rd place Beau Payton
  • 1st place Ms. Montemayor’s class-Heritage
  • 1st place Itzel Chavez-Pearce
  • 2nd place Skylar Payton-Pearce
  • 1st place Evelyn Garza-Pearce
  • 2nd place Axel Carapia-Pearce
  • 3rd place Katie Camarillo-Pearce
  • 1st place Alexander Garcia-Freedom
  • 2nd place Lauren Sanchez-Freedom
  • 3rd place Emily Stockton-Heritage

Top Overall-Elementary

  • 1st place Evelyn Garza-Pearce
  • 2nd place Arturo Banda-Pearce
  • 2nd place Alexander Garcia-Freedom

SECONDARY-Losoya Middle School

  • 1st place Trinity Quintanilla
  • 1st place Leonardo Vela
  • 2nd place Gabryela Galvan
  • 1st place Emalee Salazar

SECONDARY-Matthey Middle School

  • 1st place Andrew Barrientoz
  • 2nd place Ismael Hernandez
  • 3rd place Haley Clayburn
  • 1st place Nicolas Alonzo
  • 2nd place Stephanie Araujo
  • 3rd place Saire Casares
  • 1st place Jasmine Aguillon
  • 2nd place Kareem Chavez
  • 3rd place Carolina Herrera

SECONDARY-Southside High School

  • 1st place Abcde Martinez
  • 1st place Selena Martinez
  • 2nd place Dominic Martinez
  • 1st place Gabriela Renteria
  • 2nd place Jasmin Martinez
  • 2nd place Alexis Garcia

Top Overall Secondary

  • Gabriela Renteria-Southside High School