CPS Energy recruiting exceptional Southside High students

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CPS Energy, San Antonio’s largest utility, came to Southside High School to recruit the top students in the school’s electrical trades program. CPS Energy is offering nine paid summer internships to Southside High School students who apply. Students selected for the SITE Program, which stands for Students Interested in Technical Education, could begin a lifelong career with the utility. “Not all students want to go to college or can go to college. Here’s a way to go straight to work,” said CPS Energy’s Cristina Duarte.

At Southside High School, CPS linemen and power restoration teams demonstrated the power and danger of electricity. The CPS Energy crews performed their “arc and spark” demonstration which explains the does and don’t of working with electricity.

CPS Energy crews said they enjoyed coming to Southside ISD and plan to make coming to the District an annual event.

The SITE program lasts 8 to 10 weeks and students are paired with a CPS Energy mentor. Their internship will consist of mostly observation but students selected will also ride in the utility’s bucket trucks.

Southside High School’s building and electrical trades program is among the best in San Antonio.