Mom: Southside ISD Police Officer is a hero

Beatrice Rodriguez has her hands full with 9-month old Alianna. The baby is teething and wants to put everything into her mouth. In late September, Rodriguez stepped away briefly into another room. When she returned, Baby Alianna’s face was red and she wasn’t breathing. Rodriguez instinctively picked up Alianna, remained calm, and was able to retrieve a piece of plastic that lodged in the baby’s throat. Rodriguez is a teacher’s aide and credits first aid training she received from Southside ISD Police Officer Ruben Cardenas. Last May, Officer Cardenas trained teachers and teachers’ aides in first aid. He says hearing that his training saved the life of a baby makes him feel good. He’s also grateful the Southside ISD Police Department allowed him to become a certified first aid trainer.

Hero Officer
Southside ISD Officer Ruben Cardenas with Beatrice Rodriguez and 9-month old Alianna.
Hero Officer Southside ISD
KENS 5’s Andrea Martinez interviews Beatrice Rodriguez holding 9-month old Alianna.
Southside ISD Hero Officer
Andrea Martinez of KENS 5 interviews Southside ISD Police Officer Ruben Cardenas.