Property taxes going down in Southside ISD

Great news for property owners who live in the Southside ISD. The Board of Managers approved on August 30, 2018 lowering the tax rate. It’s a move that rarely happens in today’s economy while the burden on local districts has increased.

“Taxes are going down because we have paid off debt and we have a smaller debt obligation,” said Southside ISD Deputy Superintendent Fred Hayes.

Additionally, property values in the district have increased by almost 10 percent. Consequently, Hayes said, “the district reviewed where we are and made the determination to lower taxes by three cents per $100 and still meet all of the obligations that we have as a district.”

The new property tax rate will decline by three cents from $1.60 to $1.57 per $100.

The district is also holding a Bond election in November 2018 and the tax rate will remain the same.