Southside Education Foundation Host 2nd Annual Basketball Tournament


Registration is underway for players and sponsors to participate in the 2nd Annual Southside Education Foundation Alumni Basketball Tournament on July 28 & 29 at Southside High School Gymnasium.

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Events will consist of a 3 point and half-court shot contest open to the public. There will be a concession stand available for purchase along with raffles and prizes throughout the event.

Sponsorship range from a title sponsorship that gives recognition before the game and at the awards ceremony to a team sponsorship with recognition before the game.

Sponsor Sign Up Sheet:

BB tournament - Sponsor Sign Up Sheet

Rules & Eligibility:

BB Tournament - Rules & Eligibility

Deadline for registration is Monday July 16,2018. For more information contact Sylvia Rincon at (210)822-1600 ext. 5119

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