Southside High Robotics Team Compete in “Sumo” Style Challenge

This past weekend a robotics team consisting of four Southside students  ( Adelita Rodriguez, Johnathon Sanchez, Patricia Flores, Jubilee Flores) and the tremendous help from another robotics team member,who could not be present  (Seth Flores), competed in  the 2017 ETC Sumo Challenge at UTSA. This challenge consisted of building a robot from nothing but Lego parts.  The students also had to  program the robot to run autonomously in a four foot sumo style ring, against other robots, in a sumo style match. The first robot to push its competition out of the ring, wins. Southside won the first round, but was unsuccessful in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, of the double elimination tournament. The event was sponsored by Pape-Dawson a local engineering firm here in San Antonio that supports local STEM programs in the area.
We would like to wish Mr. Chavez and his robotics team members congratulations on a job well done.