January 2017 School Board Appreciation Month

Southside ISD Board of Trustees 2017 All-Star Team

Champions for Kids

The 5.3 million students in our Texas public schools depend on the adults in their communities to see that their educational opportunities are the best they can be. Our schoolchildren can’t vote in bond elections, can’t debate testing or vouchers, and can’t run for the school board. They are totally dependent on us to provide for them.

It is absolutely critical that we adults take this responsibility seriously. We must be the guardians who ensure that we have excellent, nurturing, inspirational schools for our children—all of our children. We can’t focus solely on our own children; we are responsible both for them and for the others who will make up their communities in the future.

Take the time to learn what you need to know to carry out your responsibility to our children. Vote in elections. Understand the issues. Stand up for Texas public schools when you talk with your neighbor and when you speak to your representatives in Austin.

Additionally, take a moment to say thank you to your fellow citizens who have stepped up to serve as trustees for our public schools.

These public servants sit through meetings, read detailed reports, listen to parents’ concerns, and do the hard work to benefit the students and the community at large. They bring a variety of skills and backgrounds to their task, and they take their responsibilities seriously. And the whole community benefits from their vigilance in providing good schools.

Each January, we pause in our regular activities to say thank you to these dedicated volunteers. We appreciate their generous sharing of time and energy on behalf of our children and our communities. Local school board members are an all-star team, focused on our schools. Join us in celebrating School Board Recognition Month in January by expressing your support and gratitude to them.

Thank you

Southside ISD Board of Trustees:

Board President Julian Gonzales

Board Vice President Kenneth Bouldin

Board Secretary Johnny Cantu

Board Members:

Loren Brewer

Norberto Chavez

Manual Sandoval

Daniel Espinoza