Southside Film Students Pitch Ideas to Disney/Pixar

Southside HS media production students attended the Austin Film Festival and had the chance to pitch an idea to Disney/Pixar. Isaish Tarin, a junior,pitched a story about environmentalists in the jungles of Brazil fighting against loggers. Another junior, Daniel Ruiz, told Disney and Marvel creative representatives about a story of a homeless boy dealing with being an orphan. These two creative and budding filmmakers were joined by  16 other classmates.  In all they spent four days in the Texas capitol and sat in on more than ten panels from industry leaders. The discussion panels included Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, SNL, and much more!!! They attended the red carpet world premiere or “Brave New Jersey” written by Michael Dowling and Jody Lambert and screened several films. The students also met with several other executives, producers, and writers in the film industry.  The group was accompanied by Mr. Nephtali Valdez, their media production teacher and creator of Cinema South.

Stay tuned for great things from this creative students!