GallardoES Students Educate Peers to Stand Up Against Bullying

[soliloquy id=”1025″]Two Southside ISD students created a presentation on anti-bullying that is helping the students at Gallardo Elementary School do their part in putting a stop to Bullying.

Marissa Ortiz and Mia Alcozer worked for months on this presentation, doing their own reseach using the book “A Smart Girls Guide to Friendship Troubles” as inspiration.

The students were able to recognize and share there ideas on how to teach other students, a lesson on the most common types of bullies.

“There is the intimidator. the harassor, the pretender, ” said Marissa. “The ‘Bus Bully’ and the ‘Rule Setter’.” said Mia

The two 4th grade students are best friends and said they love sharing the information and helping the younger students.

“It feels like if we were making a difference in their lives,” said Marissa. “I feel all warm inside,” said Mia.

The presentation concludes with handmade stop signs showing bullying behavior they’ll hang around the school, and stars with positive alternatives.

Ms. Ortiz and Ms. Alcozer were invited to join WOAI – News4SA this past Tuesday April 19 at the “Make it Stop Town Hall Your Voice Your Future” event held at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts view pictures from the event.

To learn more about the students Anti Bullying Campaign, watch their video here.

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