CTE Successes & upcoming eventsFebruary is CTE month, and what a month is has been so far!

On Feb. 2, SISD hosted our Elective/Endorsement Fair– and this was the first time that we’ve ever been able to use CTE videos/Infomercials to help promote our classes. The videos were created and edited by the CTE Video Production students (also known as our Sports Media Production/Jumbotron team). The fair was a success- we had a large turnout, and the videos are great! They are hosted on our Cardinal You Tube channel (accessible through our district’s homepage, or by clicking on the link: CTE Videos/Infomercials

Also on Feb. 2, thirty of our Health Science Technology students were chosen to participate in SA Works’ City-Wide Job Shadow Day. It was a phenomenal experience and was highlighted on many of our local news channels.

Last week, several of our students participated in the SkillsUSA competitions. The following students will be advancing to state competition:


1st place- Welding Project Exhibit (Individual) – BBQ pit– Advisor: Charlie Dylla

Joey Hernandez


1st place  Welding Project Exhibit (Team) – Hay trailer– Advisor: Charlie Dylla

Victoria Rowe

David Martinez

Jonathan Galicia

Marco Rivera

Jonathan Garcia

Roland Mendez

Jesse Hernandez

Michael Castro


3rd place Welding Fabrication Skills (Team) – Advisor: Charlie Dylla

Victoria Rowe

Jonny Galicia

Jonathan Garcia


1st Place Woodworking Exhibit (Individual)- Sofa table– Advisor: Jerry Buecher

Jordan Onofre


1st Place Woodworking Exhibit (Team) -Front entry table with drawer– Advisor: Jerry Buecher

Jorge Moreno

Norma Gene Vega


2nd Place Woodworking Exhibit (Team- will not advance to State)- Bench– Advisor: Jerry Buecher

Victoria Rowe

Osvaldo Herrera


2nd Place Commercial Photography Skills – Advisor: Gabriel Tejeda

Jorge Sanchez

3rd place Restaurant Services Skills– Advisor: Ashley Green

Brianna Torres

This past weekend, our CTE students competed in a UIL Academic meet:

Computer Apps – Coach, Mrs. Garcia

2nd place- Michael Southard

5th place- Mitzi Barrera

Accounting – Coach, Ms Felder

2nd Place Team

3rd- Stephanie Lira

4th – Melanie Zuniga

5th- Avery Ortiz

This week, our Industrial Trades students were given the opportunity to attend the Lift & Move USA conference where they were able to learn about careers associated with the operation and maintenance of heavy equipment. Crane operators, riggers, mechanics, welders, IT specialists, salespeople, specialized transportation engineers and branch managers were available to answer students questions about the industry and what it takes to enter those careers. Students were able to experience a real working environments as well as up-close viewing of million dollar pieces of equipment on site.

Toyota Texas Student Mentorship Program (TTSMP) that 7 out of 9 Automotive Technology students who took the Toyota Certification Exam PASSED!! Way to go, Mr. Davis!

Toyota Certifications were earned by:

Raymundo Contreras (12th)

Fernando Meza (12th)

Miguel Cleto (11th)

Daniel Moreno (11th)

Adrian Rodriguez (11th)

Jesus Luna (10th)

Jonathan Sanchez (10th)

February 11th is the opening day for the San Antonio Stock Show! We have multiple students showing their animal projects over the next two weeks. Below is a schedule of events and list of students who will be showing.


Please come out to the Rodeo Fairgrounds (AT&T Center) to come and support our students

Stock Show Event Schedule:


Thursday February 11, 2016

Junior Breeding Swine                  Show: Breeds: Duroc, Landrace, Hampshire, Berkshire                  7am SB

(Desiree Gonzalez, Klarissa Mejia, Joey Hernandez)

Friday February 12, 2016

Junior Breeding Swine                  Show Breeds: Spot, Chester White, Poland China, Yorkshire        7am SB

(Matthew Brewer, Madison Wilkins, Kayla Wyatt, Isidro Aguilar, Natania Mejia, April Botello, Justin Huron, Brandy McDonald, Cassandra Sliva, Dreaven Teeple)


Junior & Open Boer Breeding Goats       Show Open Show followed by Junior Show                         7am MAC

(Julie Reveles, Chris Martinez)


Saturday February 13, 2016

Open Breeding Swine                   Show Breeds:Yorkshire, Duroc, Berkshire, Chester White, Landrace, Poland China, Hampshire, Spot     7am SB

(Matthew Brewer, Madison Wilkins, Kayla Wyatt, Joey Hernandez, Isidro Aguilar, Desiree Gonzalez, Natania Mejia, Klarissa Mejia, April Botello, Justin Huron, Brandy McDonald, Cassandra Sliva, Dreaven Teeple)


Open Beef Cattle                                             Show    South Ring: Beefmaster                                                8am CB

(Daniel Dominguez)

Wednesday February 17, 2016

Junior Market Goats      Show Division I, Division II                                                                                            9am SB

(Vannesa Ceballos, Brianna Moreno, Zoe Talbert)


Thursday February 18, 2016

Junior Breeding Heifers                                               Show North Ring: Beefmaster                                    8am CB

(Daniel Dominguez)


Junior Market Goats                                                      Show Division III, Division IV                                       9am SB

(Vannesa Ceballos, Brianna Moreno, Zoe Talbert)


Friday February 19, 2016

Equine (Horse) Knowledge Quiz Bowl Contest                  8am ESC Region 20

Wednesday February 24, 2016


Junior Market Broilers                                  Show                                                     1pm MAC

(Miguel Hernandez)


Junior Market Barrows                                  Show Chester White, Yorkshire, Landrace, Crossbred class 85-90               7am SB

(Group 2)

(CJ Wilkins)


Family Consumer Science Students are also participating in the San Antonio Stock Show events, as they have been chosen to be on the School Tours Committee.

We have planned even more CTE district-wide events for later this month.