Southside ISD Super Heroes

A Message From Coach Daniel Espinoza

1_w3208_thumbWhere have all the heroes gone? The heroes we watched on TV or read about in the comic books. The heroes who fought and promoted what was right for the good of the people.

We need heroes today; heroes that will stand up for the child that needs a hero. I see teachers at Southside ISD as heroes by the way they interact with students and the way students respond. I ask the teachers that they not allow the unruly student to become the kryptonite in their day.

The reason students behave the way they do is determined by their upbringing and greatly due to the focus of his parents. How do we as a staff influence our students here at Southside in the school environment?

We need to show our students compassion, love and a caring attitude that will nurture student life. We as educators are the real and honest heroes that each child needs to see on a daily basis. The manner in which life is going, when all we see in the daily news is negative and the heroes are not appearing. We need to take a stand for the children. We must expose the broken hearts and attitudes and then mend them for the eight to ten hours we spend with them. The student needs to see comfort and compassion while they are in the school setting- a place of security, success and peace.

We need to prepare our heart, mind and soul to receive and help the broken with a positive caring attitude. The journey we have accepted is one of great importance and demand. If we do not prepare for the journey we will fail miserably, and included in the failure will be the children we teach and service.

Real heroes are the believable persons not the glaring, highly polished persons of today. We need heroes whose tarnished suits cannot hide their broken hearts or their need to touch broken lives. They cry is going out for something believable, for something not even glorious but at least fathomable.

What makes a hero? A hero is the one who fails and in the process of failing was the only one willing to take the plunge to try to help someone even while seeing the danger of failing. A hero will take the dangerous risk of failing to accomplish definite results to help someone else. Heroes are those that are strengthened through struggle and as a result become the victors.

It is time for us to redefine and redirect our gaze to find the heroes among us. We must not forget that we sometimes are the rejected and misplaced, however we, and now our students are looking in your direction to become that ultimate hero. I challenge you to be the hero who is not afraid to take the risk to help someone reach the next level.