Losoya 6th Graders Make the SA Express News Metro Page!

[soliloquy id=”1859″]Losoya 6thGraders Make the SA Express News Front Page!

Congratulations to Losoya Intermediate 6th graders Jesus Lopez and Bryson Keller who made the front page of the San Antonio Express News Local section January 22nd. Their petition to bring back strawberry milk at lunch got the attention of staff reporter Alia Malik and her editors.  Their interest peaked when they learned these two young men weren’t just paying attention to their diet, but the fact that they could advocate for change! And, “Oh Boy did they!”

Lopez and Keller teamed up to gather more than 200 signatures from students and teachers in the matter of just a few weeks. They said they had heard of petitions making a difference in other causes and adopted the idea to get the pink carton filled with sweet fat free milk back on their menu. But, it took initiative, smarts and determination to get the attention of the head of Child Nutrition, Julian Monreal.  Not only did they make an argument for why it should come back, “It’s delicious!” said Lopez, but the young activists proved there was a demand.  Now strawberry milk (which of course meets all state nutritional guidelines) is being served at every elementary campus, or at least until they run out!

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